A Powerful Presence in the 2019 Lincoln Navigator

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You like to live large, and you need an SUV that can get you where you need to go in Austin. The 2019 Lincoln Navigator is a three-row large SUV that gives you seating for up to eight! With its luxurious and versatile interior, you'll have everything you need to enjoy the ride with you and those that mean the most. The exterior shows off graceful and sophisticated lines, so you make an entrance everywhere you go. To learn more about the 2019 Lincoln Navigator continue reading.

Stunning Design & Features

From the moment you approach, the Lincoln Navigator you'll be warmly welcomed. When your key fob is detected, the autofold side mirrors project the signature Lincoln logo welcome mat on the ground below the doors. The door handles will begin to glow, and front and rear running lamps will begin to illuminate your path.

Experience an even more spacious interior with the Panoramic Vista Roof®. This feature gives second and third-row passengers a view of the sky to either let the sunshine or moonlight inside the cabin. For even more comfort, the available Perfect Position Seats with Active Motion® offer optimal comfort. The seats can conform to you and help take the stress off your shoulders, making even the longest road trips enjoyable.

Big Performance

The 2019 Lincoln Navigator features a 10-speed transmission. It helps balance efficiency with performance. With ten independent shift points, the engine can operate in its sweet spot. It may be a three-row SUV, but it knows how to perform. The Lincoln Navigator features a Twin-Turbocharged 3.5L engine that produces 450 horsepower and 510 pound to feet of torque. You'll be able to satisfy your desire for control and excitement with Lincoln Drive Modes. These modes include Slippery, Excite, Conserve, Deep Conditions, Normal and Slow Climb.

The 2019 Lincoln Navigator is the luxury full-size SUV you've been waiting for. It is perfect for a large family and those with big dreams. Come explore all it has to offer!

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